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  Ott Cribbs
Public Safety Center

620 W Division St
P.O. Box 1065
Arlington, TX 76004-1065

Phone: 817-459-5700

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Arlington Police Department Public Report Search
Arlington Police Department Public Report Search
Welcome to the Arlington Police Department's Public Report Search and Retrieval system.
As a service to our Citizens, Community and Visitors; the Department provides convenient online access to over 350,000 Police Reports. The use of this system is provided free of charge.

I have read and understand the caveats below, including the disclaimer.

Click here to Search Public Report Search

Getting Started ….
What reports are available to me?
Reports are available dating back to September 1, 1999.
However, there are several exclusions to which reports are available to the public.  Please read the disclaimer near the bottom.

To retrieve a report, a report number and the last name of at least one person associated with the report is required.  A valid report number is a nine digit number.  Examples: 060123456 or 992740679.  If you were given a report number of 07-456, it should be entered as 070000456 to retrieve the report.
How do I use the Public Report Search?
Simply type in a nine digit report number and a last name, then click the Search button.  If a report is available a clickable link will appear; otherwise, a message stating that the report can not be located will be displayed.

As conveyed in the previous section, to retrieve a report a report number and the last name of at least one person associated with the report is required.
How long until my report will be available?
It depends on a number of workflow issues within the Police Department, primarily related to:
  • how quickly data entry staff type in reports, and
  • how quickly reports are reviewed and approved by supervisors.

Generally speaking, reports are available for public distribution in between 2 and 5 days…occasionally a little sooner, sometimes a little later

Who do I contact if I experience issues or problems?
When you encounter an issue or problem and you require assistance; please abide by the following guidelines:

Report Issues
If a report can not be located and one of the exclusions in the disclaimer does not apply or data contained in a report is not accurate please contact the Police Records Division.   See further below for technical issues.


Address:  (Police Records is located in the 1st floor lobby next to the Police service desk.)
Arlington Police Department
Ott Cribbs Public Safety Center
620 West Division Street
Arlington, Texas 76004-1065

Monday--Tuesday 8:00 a.m.--5:00 p.m.
Wednesday 8:00 a.m.--12:00 p.m.
Thursday--8:00 a.m.--5:00 p.m.
Closed Friday


The Arlington Police Department works diligently to collect and disseminate police report information in a timely, accurate manner. In doing so, we must also comply with laws that regulate the release of potentially sensitive and confidential information. To ensure that privacy concerns are protected, report data is "filtered" prior to being made available to the public. Among the exclusions are:
  • Sexually oriented offenses are not publicly releasable
  • Reference to juveniles and children (individuals under 17 years of age) are excluded
  • Reference to individuals considered suspects (including acquaintances or family members) and witnesses are excluded
  • Listing of property items that are considered evidence
  • Reports that have not received "supervisor approval"

Individuals who believe that additional or more complete information disclosure is warranted, are encouraged to submit a Public Information Act (open records request), per state law.

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