The Arlington Police Basic Academy is a 28 week program consisting of a curriculum of approximately 1040 hours of instruction which includes the following:

  • Classroom (643 Mandatory hours from TCLEOSE -Texas Commission Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education)
  • Scenario Training
  • Leadership Skills
  • Physical Training and Defensive Tactics
  • Professional Police Driving
  • DWI / SFST
  • Firearms
  • Written Examinations

The goal of the Arlington Basic Police Academy is to provide training that meets or exceeds standards mandated by the Texas Commission Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCLEOSE) and to develop officers who are positively oriented to the department, police work and service to the community.  The police academy requires that all police recruits demonstrate strong qualities in the following areas:

  • Knowledge

  • Attitude

  • Discipline

  • Skills

  • Physical Fitness

These five areas make up the expectations of the basic academy which is led by the Academy Coordinator and Academy staff.

Probationary officers will demonstrate their knowledge and skills through written examinations as well as practical application through field training and simulation exercises.

A positive attitude towards the job and others is mandatory.  The ability to get along with co-workers, supervisors, and the public is essential to becoming a successful police officer.

Probationary officers will conduct themselves in a self-disciplined manner at all times.  Discipline is rendered through obedience and proper conduct given specific conditions. 

Physical fitness is of paramount importance to the mental well-being and safety of all peace officers.  Todayís world continues to be more challenging, complex, and violent.  Regularly scheduled, structured runs, calisthenics and with training are all part of the probationary officer training and should be continued throughout your career.  Every year, officers will return to the Police Academy to assess their physical fitness levels.  Our training staff is dedicated to producing the best Peace Officers possible.  Pride in be being the best is our motto, anything less is unacceptable. 

Every recruit must complete the departmentís basic academy and pass the TCLEOSE examination before becoming an official police officer.  After the Basic Police Academy, the recruit will continue on to the Field Training program.  From there, they will begin their probationary period. 




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