• Volunteering with Arlington Police Department (APD) involves the following steps:
  • Click on "I would like to volunteer” icon on the right sidebar of any page
  • Create a volunteer account by entering user name and password
  • Complete an on-line application if you meet the age requirements ( 18 years or older)
  • Complete all the information listed in “My Profile "and fill out the “Additional Info” and “Qualifications.” This information is required to process your application
  • Select areas of interest in the database
  • APD will conduct a police background check and a police driver license check
  • You will be included in the pool of available volunteers
  • You will be contacted via email when an opportunity to volunteer becomes available in one of the areas you identified
  • You will be asked to undergo the training required for the activity
  • You will be issued a volunteer ID badge prior to volunteering
  • You will document the volunteered hours in the database  

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