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Date: 5/18/2009
Time: 1:00 p.m.

Email circulating about Arlington robbery not completely factual

*This has been re-posted as a reminder to residents still receiving this email*

An email has been circulating based on a true event that has been altered to include some erroneous information. Here are the true facts of this robbery:
On Friday, May 8, at about 11 p.m. a man stopped at an ATM in North Arlington to withdraw some cash. When he left the ATM, he pulled onto the street near the intersection of Washington and Lincoln and stopped behind a light-colored Chevrolet Impala that might have been a late 1970s model. The Impala did not pull into the street when it was the driver's turn to go. The man noticed that the Impala's driver door was open and the driver was grabbing his throat as if choking. So the man got out of his vehicle to assist. When he opened his door, he was hit in the head and face by a second man, and his wallet was stolen. The robbery suspect fled into a nearby apartment complex and the driver of the Impala drove away.

The victim in this case has talked to police since the email has started circulating and he has said that many of the details in it are wrong.  
*The gang unit did not respond to this incident. A couple of officers, who were working a gang detail were in the area, and went to the robbery scene to assist. There is no indication that gangs were involved in this case.
*A family member of the victim told a neighbor that this sort of thing happens all the time. Somewhere along the way that changed to an officer saying that this sort of thing happens all the time and that officers don't want to get the word out for fear of scaring folks away from the Entertainment District. The victim and neighbors have said no officer ever said that.
*Contrary to the email claiming that at one other incident similar to this occurred about one week ago, Arlington has not had any similar situation of a robbery where someone encounters a medical situation and is robbed. This is not a trend.

Unfortunately, crimes do occur. So while being friendly and helpful is an admirable trait, we encourage people to be cautious. Take into account your surroundings, if you are alone, and the time of day before getting out of your vehicle. If ever you are unsure, call 911 and wait for help to arrive

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